Here you'll find links to more resources, including sites with similar aims.


Jack Yan's type copyright page.

Fontzone—Clive Bruton's new online type magazine includes news and features about type copyright.

FontWorks / Legal type guide—A five page guide sponsored by Adobe and hosted at type.co.uk.

Emigre's FAQ—An explanation of Emigre's end user license agreement and comments on type copyright and protection. Hosted by Emigre.

reports from the front line

The creation of a typeface—Jean-François Porchez' work on Le Monde.

1500 fonts for $15.00! Great deal, huh?—Patricia Lillie provides details of how her fonts were ripped-off, renamed and sold via a CD-ROM.

Honor among thieves—Brian Willson's account of how font counterfeiting has affected him.


font embedding

Embedding TrueType—Microsoft Typography's explanation of TrueType font embedding, and why they think it reduces the level of casual font theft in an office environment.

Adobe's licensing FAQ (PDF)—Here Adobe explains the embedding of PostScript Type 1 fonts within Acrobat Portable Document Files and explain why they support it.

Emigre's licensing FAQ—Font embedding is ruled out of Emigre's standard license agreement; here they explain why a license upgrade is required by those wishing to embed Emigre fonts.


learn more about the fonts on your computer

Font properties extension—This handy little utility lets you access information about the Windows fonts installed on your system. Learn where they came from and who made them. Access copyright information and descriptions. The latest version even lets you link to the Web sites of the foundry and designer that created the font.


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