How are fonts made? In 'Insight', we take a look behind the scenes of TypeRight's supporting typefoundries and designers.


Patricia Lillie
The designer of shareware fonts Poptics One and Three, plus commercial display fonts available at Eyewire and Type Quarry.

Chris MacGregor ITFI/PenUltimate
Besides running the successful Internet Type Foundry Index, Chris MacGregor has created 20-30 fonts in his type designing career.

Don Synstelien Synfonts
Inspiration—in everything from its designs to its font names—is more than evident at Synfonts.

Brian Willson Three Islands Press
A name known to publishers and font buffs alike, Brian Willson has developed fonts such as Attic Antique and Texas Hero.

Jack Yan Jack Yan & Associates
Australasia's number one foundry and the designers behind traditionally inspired fonts like Ætna and Pinnacle.

Ralph Smith Phil's Fonts, Inc.
Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, Phil's Fonts started out as a part of Phil's Photo, a headline typesetting service, in the late 1980s. Since then, Phil's Fonts has become one of the largest type distributors in the world, representing more than 55 foundries with over 20,000 typefaces to choose from.
   Phil's Fonts is committed to seeing that original typeface designers are rewarded for their hard work. Please help by boycotting companies that sell pirated typefaces.

Clive Bruton

Simon Daniels
Microsoft Typography

Donald A. Hosek
Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography

Zuzana Licko

Jonathan Macagba
Prototype NY

Joseph D. Treacy
Treacyfaces Inc.

Daniel Will-Harris
Will-Harris House


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