Why should there be copyright for fonts? Here, TypeRight provides a number of perspectives: from our FAQs to the designer's viewpoint.

Whose font is it anyway? Daniel Will-Harris
If all you know about type is how to select fonts from a pull-down menu, you might want to brush up on a few fundamentals—and learn some basic ways to ensure you're not stepping on anyone's toes.

Frequently Asked Questions Adapted from Emigre
What your rights are when it comes to fonts—a primer on where the money goes, what modifications you can carry out, and how to take care not to use pirated fonts.

Arguments against Copyright Protection—and Our Responses Patricia Lillie
Some have tried to argue against giving copyright protection to fonts—but these arguments are easily exposed as being without foundation.

Mean People Suck Don Synstelien
When a font designer has his design copied without his permission, then sold under a different name, and then doesn't see a cent of the royalties, it's not a pleasing situation, to say the least. And yet it's a distressingly common situation these days.

Everyone Else Has Rights Jack Yan
Isn't it unfair that font designers can't get copyright protection in the United States, but they have that right in most other western countries?

The Legal Side Jack Yan
Providing copyright protection for fonts isn't stretching the law—there are analogies from other cases that show that it's entirely feasible.

Bad Credit Zuzana Licko & Rudy VanderLans
The authors propose a commonsense way to raise awareness: add the category of "type designer" to the credits in graphic arts annuals.

Copping an Attitude Rudy VanderLans
Borrowing from existing type designs is nothing new, but there's difference between inspiration and outright plunder. Sometimes it's simply a matter of asking permission.

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